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Product Name:Custom Fit Bass Case CXCB Price: $ 347 Order:
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 Custom  Fit Example Bass Guitar flight Case

Call us for directions on what we need from you to start.  (800) 495-8444

We can custom fit your bass like the one above.   This is just another example of an Electric Bass case that we have built, she's a real beauty! We can custom fit any guitar into one of our existing “Clam Cases” acoustic and electric guitars.  Or you send us a tracing of your guitar. We will show you how to trace a pattern onto paper and we will then make a perfect custom fit foam insert that will protect your guitar with all the same features of our standard cases. Prices start at an additional $90 for this service.

For more elaborate designs and custom features we will have to be determined  theprice when we discuss your needs. Give us a call and we can plan your custom case.

Call (800) 495-8444


Because these cases are made to order I have to rely on the templates that the customers send me. If the instrument dose not fit to customers satisfation i will rework the case until customer is satisfied with the fit. These are custom orders so there are no refunds.  customer is resposible for any shipping cost for these types of transactions.



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